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Since its inception, spaceflight has been difficult and hideously expensive.

What if it wasn’t?

There’s a good chance we’re about to find out. For the first time, companies like Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) are applying modern advances to spacecraft manufacture and design, and working to bring re-usable rockets into production in the next few years.

Re-usability is a big deal. Without it, every launch ends in the intentional destruction of a very complex and expensive machine.

Imagine if your next ticket from New York to London had to cover the entire cost of building the Boeing 777 you flew on. That’s the way rocketry has worked for the last sixty years.

If you could use the same rocket, ten or a hundred or even thousands of times like an aeroplane, imagine how much cheaper it could get.

If access to orbit were cheap and frequent, what might we do there? The truth is we don’t really know yet, but there are some tantalizing signs from work on the International Space Station, ranging across a spectrum from scientific and medical advances to just plain having fun.

The Spaceflight Zone is the blog of science fiction writer Robert Alsep. It’s about the incredible and science fictional things going on in the world right now. It’s what he does when he should be writing his first novel, To Touch the Moon.

Robert Alsep

Rob AlsepRob Alsep is a science fiction writer, a space blogger, and an unrepentant technological optimist.

He likes to write next decade’s techno thrillers while they’re still science fiction today.

He believes that this is an exciting time to be alive, and he’s looking forward to chronicling and maybe foretelling some of the amazing things to come, here at the Spaceflight Zone, and writing about them as fiction in his books. But he has to write quickly – the future is catching up fast!

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